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Recording 'David Bowie' at The Chapel

Apparently The Commitments were the world's hardest working band. It pains me sometimes to think that we are probably the world's slowest-working band, but we are. It occurred to me today that it's been roughly a year since we recorded 'David Bowie' at a house-cum-chapel-cum-recording studio in Cambridge called 'The Chapel' with the vary talented Fraser Smith. It was a gloriously sunny day and we got, amongst other things including a very good lunch, a rather enormous drum sound out of the old church. I don't think any recording happens there any more, so it's nice that we got something down there before the place shut its doors to slow-working bands.

A few pics of the session below...

We've since polished the song a fair bit, and added a lot of strings - and Jane - to the song, but the original, rather raw version of it can be listened to on Soundcloud here.

I'm going to be adding some live piano parts to this and other songs with Fraser next week. I've hired a guy to tune my piano and Fraser's bringing some mics and functioning stands (mine are very flacid these days) to my studio. We're getting there...slowly...

In terms of what the song is about, the title might be a bit of clue. Some of it involves a daydream where I started imagining that David Bowie was prime minister instead of David Cameron. Life would certainly be infinitely more fun.


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